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University City embraces diversity and includes people from all walks of like. Some call it the "Melting Pot" of St. Louis. Located along the city border it is an ideal location for those who want to enjoy what St. Louis City has to offer such as the zoo, Cardinals, Rams, Forest Park, They Muny, & much more & live in St. Louis County.

University City is home of the well known Delmar Loop. Visitors come from all over to enjoy all the trendy shops, live music venues, and eclectic restaurants within the 1/2 mile stretch.

The real-estate buyers love the colonial brick homes that have historic flair & stately appearances & the adorable bungalows that are through out University City! Property values average $223,940

Condo living is a popular urban trend that has made it's way to University City as well. You have stone multi families with ornate architectural detail located within residential neighborhoods that have been converted into affordable posh condos. This allows for the all types of buyer whether young and attending SLU or Washington University or a medical doctor busy completing their residency program that need simplified living.

Washington University, a neighbor and major contributor to the economy and housing in University City, also gives forgivable loans to employees for buying homes in portions of University City, as well as surrounding areas. 

The population of University City is just over 35,000 and the average house hold is 2.14 persons. Though very Urban, University City is filled with families that love the gorgeous homes, diversity, & tree lined park like streets!

University City has its own school district, the University City School District with nearly 32,000 students.

If you are looking for a family oriented urban lifestyle & central location to downtown and all the greatness St. Louis city has to offer, University city may be your next home in St. Louis.

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