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Staging a Home to Sell

Public perception is often skewed when it comes to selling homes.  

In working with St Louis home buyer's, they are often shocked when we walk into a home and I start giving my thoughts on why they shouldn't buy a home.  They give me a look that says, "aren't you supposed to be talking me into buying this?"  The underlying truth is that REAL ESTATE SELLS ITSELF!  Realtors are merely consultants with experience representing buyer's and / or seller's.   One of the biggest difference makers, in our experience, is how the home is staged.  

 Inside vacant homes, buyer's focus their attention to the walls floors and home features wtih an eye toward finding defects when the home is empty.  In many cases, this takes the buyer, psychologically, from the buyer state of mind to the inspector state of mind.  

In the same home that is staged, instead of looking at cracks in the floor, the buyer is focused on absorbing the sensory experience of the whole room at one time.  The buyer may analyze scenarios about how their furniture is similar, or how they would conduct events when they live in the home.  

In either case, the experience of viewing a home for sale is fundamentally different when the home is staged. 

5 Main Reasons to Stage Your Home BEFORE selling

1.  Better Photos!

2. Improved online presence!

3.  More Interested Buyers

4. Faster Sale

5. More $$MONEY$$

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