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Important Steps in Contract Execution

  1. Discuss the various types of inspections desired and schedule them promptly.  Allow time to conduct follow up inspections.

  2. If Financing, Choose your lender and APPLY FOR A MORTGAGE LOAN. 

  3. Provide the Premier Team with contact information for all lenders and inspectors as well as times to arrange with sellers.

  4. Determine favorable resolution of inspection contingencies.

  5. Authorize lender to order the appraisal.   Appraisal must be received 3 days prior to closing.

  6. Obtain a mortgage loan commitment from your lender.

  7. Obtain a LAND SURVEY and TITLE COMMITMENT from the Title Company.

  8. Review the final figures within 24 hours of closing and get a cashiers check for the amount required to close.

  9. Arrive at closing and TAKE POSSESSION OF YOUR NEW HOME!

Sound Overwhelming?  

The Premier Team walks through the whole process with buyers every day!  We're the hardest working St Louis Realtors, and do everything possible to take the stress out of the situation.  Our goal is to keep our clients best interest in full focus at all times and work towards achieving your real estate goals.

Contact Us Today and start the discussion about your St Louis Real Estate Goals! 

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