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Finding Homes Near St. Louis Trails

There are many different things to consider when buying a home:  Schools, home styles, lot sizes, and proximity to work being some of the major factors. One thing that is being considered more and more is finding a home nearby recreational trails for bicycling, inline skating, and walking.  Compared to other government spending, its determined that the return on investment of establishing trails exceeds other types of investment.   

Living and working nearby local trails and bicycle lanes promotes fitness, environmentally clean transportation, and entertainment, as well as stimulates the economy of the area by attracting visitors and business to local restaurants, hotels and shops. Trails can be established simultaneously with landscaping, drainage and reclamation of blighted properties such as abandoned rail lines.  Lastly, proximity to trails adds to the value of homes in the communities adjacent to the trails.  Properly established trails can serve as interconnections to parks, businesses, and attractions.  

St. Louis is a city that has been established for hundreds of years, and the abundance of local municipalities has limited the overall regional strategy.   These two factors have challenged the St. Louis area in ways not found as much in other cities.  In order to catch up and build connections between nature and existing towns of the area, it's important to educate St. Louisans and its visitors to the existing trails, plans to develop new trails, and lastly, the benefits of trails and trail investments. 

 4SaleStLouis  helping out by creating pages to showcase some of the amazing communities that also happen to be located in proximity to trails in the region.  

Trail & Parks Pages

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Grant's Trail Home

River Des Peres Home 

Cliff Cave Park

Carondelet Park

Creve Coeur Lake Home 


Meramec Greenway Home coming soon

Flat Creek Trail

Route 66 Park Trails

Katy Trail Home  

Mississippi Greenway Trails 

Monarch Levee Home 

Babler Park Trail 

(Babler Park homes -large lots)

Brickline Greenway 

(currently in planning and development stage)

Deer Creek Greenway Trail

Homes near Riverfront Trail  

Centenial Greenway Home

Sunset Greenway Trail

St. Louis Parks



Trailnet St. Louis

Great Rivers Greenway

Trail Link

8 area trails to check out! STLMAG

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