St Louis real estate

May 4, 2018

Homes with a View? St Louis Parks

Parks in St Louis MO

One trend we’re seeing in St Louis real estate is that buyer’s are starting to ask for homes listed with close proximity to local parks and recreational facilities.  The fact that St Louis is one of the largest urban forests in the country and has some of the most magnificent ...

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Aug. 19, 2013

Life Works-North Side Regeneration Development

It was Super Exciting to be in the Beautiful St. Louis City's Downtown Central Library, stunning from head to toe! As I sat amongst my fellow realtors, I waited in anticipation. McEagle Properties came & presented the North Side Development now known as "Life Works ...

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Nov. 12, 2012

What Makes a better resource?

11/12/2012 -- Orlando Fl   Here at the National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo in Orlando Florida, I've learned a lot.  Just about every vendor, bank, technology company and new idea is represented.  

While its been really cool to learn about things that we could do ...

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June 30, 2012

New Real Estate Wiki

St. Louis Real Estate Wiki

We started our first blog in 2005, not long after we were introduced to the blogging platform in the 2004 presidential primaries. The blog was Lofts in the Lou, and we started it because there wasn't any reliable independant information about the renaissance in ...

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