11/12/2012 -- Orlando Fl   Here at the National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo in Orlando Florida, I've learned a lot.  Just about every vendor, bank, technology company and new idea is represented.  

While its been really cool to learn about things that we could do to improve our St Louis real estate business, it can be a bit scary.  "How could we do business for so long and not do that?"  When it comes to building a top real estate website, that hasn't exactly been the case.  

Today my day started with  class on video production, and then a blogging and website class.  I took the time to post this blog because so far in this class, most of the important items discussed are things that we've already covered in the short year since we've upgraded the 4SaleStLouis.com site.  

In comparing our site with some of the national real estate websites, 4SaleStLouis.com is the Best resource for St Louis real estate!  The national sites have all the technology bells and whistles, but have the authors of those sites ever been to the Farmers Market at Tower Grove Park, or the Lafayette Square Parlor Tour?  Do they know the difference between architectural styles in Soulard and Shaw?  Do they know the advantages / disadvantages of living in one area of St Louis vs another.  

If you're reading this, you've obviously found 4SaleStLouis.com.  Thanks for visiting, and we hope you consider our site your TOP RESOURCE for St Louis real estate information!

If there's NOT something you want to know about St Louis Real Estate,  Contact us!    We're always hoping to maximize our usefulness to the home buyer's and seller's in St Louis!