It was Super Exciting to be in the Beautiful St. Louis City's Downtown Central Library, stunning from head to toe! As I sat amongst my fellow realtors, I waited in anticipation. McEagle Properties came & presented the North Side Development now known as "Life Works". This development has been in lawsuits for years, but finally in August of this year the courts deemed the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) was appropriate. A gift to St. Louis City & St. Louis County, this development is finally moving forward! This will add loads of beautiful real-estate to St. Louis & we are all VERY Excited! 

The Life Works Development is building a Live-Work-Play Community! It will include 3000+ properties over 4609 parcels of land. WOW! A new exciting addition is the St. Louis City Bottle district! A prime area of real-estate that is North of the Stadium!

For the great St. Louis residence there will be 60% historic redo homes & 40% New construction. They lost 40 buildings to brick thieves and 15 to fires. There has been a major crack down so that has really been minimized! 

McEagle properties is very serious about their vision! They have hired a European Consultants to assist with making it a sustainable area. The focus will be on preservation, safety, & beauty. They want the whole package bustling businesses, schools by using existing buildings & new, transportation-looking into street cars, & beautification throughout! Another neat exploration is which will add a much more appealing "boulevard" type thoroughfare in place of the elevated lanes of highway 70 that divide our downtown areas.  The beauty of this plan is that they're nearing the end of their useful life and would need to be replaced anyway!

Another neat fact on this St. Louis real-estate development is 1 out of 4 jobs in the area will be preferential to people that live in the development. Great for the St. Louis community! This will be a 4 phased project with A,B completion by 2024 & C,D by 2030! Hold on to your hats St. Louis folk this should be a very exciting St. Louis real-estate addition!