St. Louis Real Estate Wiki

We started our first blog in 2005, not long after we were introduced to the blogging platform in the 2004 presidential primaries. The blog was Lofts in the Lou, and we started it because there wasn't any reliable independant information about the renaissance in Downtown St Louis.

The interesting thing about blogging was that we always were looking for other reliable sources of information about the subjects we were discussing. Since 'all real estate is local' (meaning, that real estate is regulated by local laws and customs) often times 'national' sources of information, or local sources in other areas wasn't adequately meeting our needs in truly providing information.

Of course, our focus primarily was making sure that our real estate wikiclients working with us had the answers, which often times just involved getting them together with the right professionals (lenders, inspectors, title companies, etc.)

Now with our newer site, we have the answer to our long needed information sources. The St Louis Real Estate Wiki!

This part of our site still doesn't surpass the knowledge one would gain from working through a transaction, but it will hopefully provide enough information to give someone the confidence to start moving towards buying or selling their  home.

The St Louis real estate wiki is for information purposes only, and does claim to be legal advice, but it is specific to the St Louis area and our local real estate forms, practices and customs. What's most useful is that it will be an available resource to provide supplementary information for all our efforts to in helping clients understand the real estate tranaction or blog, giving background information specific to the area and the post from real estate professionals actively working in St Louis.

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