Time To ChooseSt. Louis medical residency

Today is the day that Medical residents all over the country are making their selections on which residency programs they would like to attend, in order of preference.   

Having helped many residents in the past in both buying, and eventually selling their homes, we were initially surprised by the high level of organization, level of recruiting, and how decisions are made.   We've worked with many physicians that expected to live in St. Louis, but ended up being "matched" with a program elsewhere, and vice versa.   One client of mine had a house picked out in another city and was ready to make an offer when he found out he was moving to St. Louis.   

Some physicians have family members who are also in some type of residency or fellowship and the whole deal has to work for everyone in order for them to locate here.   

This hear, the official match day is March 17, 2017 and several of the steps begin today.  Between October and January, incoming residents were able to visit programs and invited to interview.  Both the new residents and the residency programs essentially prepare their wish list, and an algorithm performed by the National Matching Program sorts residents out into their respective programs.  What would concern me, if I were applying, is that as of last year, it appears that there is a deficit of approximately 15,000 first year residency positions available, so after going through medical school, some MD's aren't able to become physicians.   YIKES!! 

St. Louis is fortunate to have several residency programs listed below by institution.   Our pages include some of the "just listed" homes in proximity to the location.   

Helping all clients to find the perfect home for them is lots of fun, but especially challenging for residents!   Knowing how far of a drive to the hospital is always a factor, and resale of the home in 3-5 years is something residents consider more than the typical buyer also.   

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