Parks in St Louis MO

One trend we’re seeing in St Louis real estate is that buyer’s are starting to ask for homes listed with close proximity to local parks and recreational facilities.  The fact that St Louis is one of the largest urban forests in the country and has some of the most magnificent parks could be a factor.

With concerts, events, pavillions, streams, fountains,beautiful trees and flowers, shaded walking and running paths, playgrounds, wildlife and plenty of SPACE to spread out! These are a few of the perks of living close to a park in the St. Louis area. 

Public parks are a great way to explore the great outdoors and stay in shape. St. Louis has a wealth of parks that allow individuals to relax after a long day of work or school. Essentially, people who live closer to these areas are more likely stay active! 

Public events and social interaction develop a wonderful sense of community! Different communities offer a WIDE variety of events for Everyone to enjoy, like; Public concerts, farmers markets, carnivals, yoga classes, pools, picnic tables and you can’t forget the fireworks during 4th of July! 

Trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life? St. Louis parks offer additional room for kids to play and enjoy the recreational facilities such as baseball/softball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields and swimming pools. Keeping the whole family active and healthy is a TOP priority and the list is endless! Pets are a huge part of the family and the real estate community has taken note! With pet friendly parks and recreational areas, everyone is welcome to enjoy these fantastic outdoor spaces.

When considering a purchase, there are many factors:  school district, access to highways or public transportation  and proximity to work, but one more thing that brings added value to your St Louis real estate home buying experience is the quality of the parks nearby. 

As a service to some of our out of town home buyers looking in St. Louis, we're adding a local parks page at Even if you're a local, sometimes we tend to take things for granted or ignore what's in front of us completely.  As long time St Louis residents, we've been embarrased to learn things about the amenities of our local public spaces from real estate clients that have only lived here for a few months.  

Check out our pages for the local parks in the St Louis metro area, and let us know if there’s another great park, or service within a park that you’d like to see!  We’re adding pages all the time.