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Getting pre-approved for a mortgage can be intimidating because we are allowing someone else to look at private details about our lives.  We're not always sure how we'll stack up and whether we'll be qualified.  Don't be concerned.  

The professional mortgage lenders help people in all situations and are happy to help!  

Pre-approval is a simple screening of credit / income / employment followed by consultation of what types of loan progams would be most useful for the home buyers.  

Mortgage lenders are experts at the various types of loans and lenders available for specific situations.  They also are the point of contact for various grants and home buyer assistance programs such as the MHDC (Missouri Housing Development Corporation) 


RULE #1:  Don't get pre-approved online!

RULE #2:  Don't use an out of town lender!

There are a great many experiences that most full time Realtors can share about clients who failed to heed the first two suggestions above.  

RULE #3:   Use Your Realtor's Preferred Lender!

Realtors work with buyer's (and sellers) from the beginning to the end of the transaction, and can share unfortunate stories about the lenders that seemed friendly and helpful, but as the deal progressed became less available and not as reliable as promised.  

Lenders that aren't local will not be at closing to explain the paperwork, and if there are any mistakes, they won't be on hand to rectify errors or take responsibility.  

Do contact one or more of the Mortgage Lenders from our preferred lender list!  

Do consult with the Premier Team for information about the loan process or questions to ask a lender.

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