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St Louis Hills - St Louis Missouri

The St Louis Hills neighborhood is the gem of Southwestern St Louis.  Beautiful architecture and lovingly cared for historic homes fill this neighborhood which is home to Willmore Park, Francis Park, and Ted Drewes.  Several churches are located in St Louis Hills also.  

St Louis Hills Neighborhood is bordered on the east by St Louis Hills destinationHampton Avenue, the Southwest Border is Willmore Park and the St Louis City Limits, and Chippewa Avenue to the North.  2017 saw 105 homes sell in St Louis Hills.  Homes in St Louis Hills sold for an average of $279,118, and the average size being a 3 bedroom 2.3 bath with 1588 square feet of living space.   

Route 66Saint Louis Hills is bordered to the north by the world famous "Route 66", now known as Chippewa St.   Great restaurants, Ted Drewes frozen custard and many other businesses line the street.  

St. Louis Hills early home building

This neighborhood was conceived and built by Willmore Development beginning in 1931 and lasting throughout the great depression and into the 50's.   What makes this neighborhood special, is that despite being built by one developer, each home has its own unique design.   No 2 homes are alike in the neighborhood.  Also, even though many of the homes were built in hard economic times, the craftsmanship was excellent, and they were marketed as high quality homes that have stood the test of time.   

Willmore Park, established in 1947, was donated by Cyrus Willmore, the developer to complete his vision for this awesome city neighborhood!

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