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8 Reasons to Hire a Realtor when buying Luxury Custom Homes.....

1.  Buyer Agent fees are already incorporated into the sale price.

Builders cover the costs of the buyers agency fees and don't offer discounts to people not using a Realtor.


2.  Hiring a Buyer's Agent is representation for the home buyer.

The sales staff of a home builder only has the interests of the builder in mind.  Having a home selling, home buying expert participate in the process helps look after the buyer's interests.


3.  Realtor can help evaluate upgrades and finishes for their resale potential

Builders often create a sense of urgency and fear about the need to select certain upgrades, while downplaying others.   The Realtor can help sort out the upgrades that matter and even evaluate whether certain upgrades would be better off putting off until after the sale.


4.  Realtors understand overall community and home pricing.

Some new construction communites are so attractive, but are situated amongst homes of lesser value.   When its time to sell, the 'newness' has worn off, and all that's left is an over-priced house.  A Realtor will consider your investment and how it fits within a given area.


5.  A Realtor can make sure you are aware of the terms, warranties, and expectations of the builders sale contract.  

Realtors are not attorneys in most cases, but most Realtors having experience with a builders contract can see to it that you have the answers you need regarding legal aspects of the sale, that important dates in the sale process are met, and that your interests are protected.


6.  Realtors make sure the buyer is aware of all the options.

More often than not, working with a builder can be mesmerizing!   Sometimes having a Realtor point out other options before a buyer commits to a specific builder can offer a strong sense of perspective, and possibly help the buyer avoid a costly mess if things aren't working out.


7.  Realtors can meet and be present during all building inspections, walks with the builder, and keep an eye on the property. 

Having a home built can be incredibly exciting, and having an agent text photos of dfferent stages of development can be particularly useful to out of town buyers.   Being present for builder walk throughs prior to drywall installation and other stages provides valuable assistants.


8.  Realtors are always useful negotiators throughout the transaction.

Often times home prices of new construction are set, but there are often times opportunites to negotiate upgrades, price drops and repairs depending upon various market factors.   Since Realtors are active throughout the market, awarness of other builders specials, opportunites or blemishes found in the home can create a chance for a skilled negotiator to step in and help the buyer.


Chris and Lisa Grus are luxury brokers, and have joined  an exclusive, elite and sophisticated group of real estate consultants raising the bar for service in the upper-tier home market.   Contact them for guidance on all facets of the luxury homes search, especially with custom home construction.