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Buyer Tools:  the Buyer's Agent

Undoubtedly the most important thing for a St Louis home buyer to do before searching for a home is to make contact and hire a successful St Louis buyer's agent!


Starting Out....

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A good buyer's agent tries to meet face to face for a buyer consultation, and listens to what the buyer is looking for, asks questions to gain full knowledge, and then starts to develop a personalized strategy based on that buyer.  All buyer's are different, so some buyer's agents that have a "1 style fits all" approach are usually not successful.  Regardless of the type of buyer and the amount of time it takes for each buyer to get comfortable and actually buy a home, there are several important steps to buying a home.  


Searching for Homes...

Its the job of the buyer's agent to assist the buyer in making sure that each step is satisfactorily completed to the satisfaction of the buyer. In showing properties, the buyer's agent usually lines up several showings in one day, in time intervals and driving with the buyer to each one.  This helps buyer's maximize their time spent looking and shifts the bulk of the administrative work onto the agent.  A good buyer's agent will point out strengths and weaknesses of a home that may or may not be noticed by most people.  While buyer's agents are not the building inspector, they often times have had many experiences with homes and problems found on other inspections that they freely share with the buyer.  


Contract Preparation, Negotiation, Execution and Closing

The buyer's agent is usually responsible for preparing the Residential Sale Contract with the buyer and making sure that all items desired by the buyer are listed in the offer, then presenting and helping to negotiate a deal with the home sellers.  The buyer's agent is responsible for communicating with all the professionals servicing the sale, starting with the listing agent, followed by inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, mortgage lenders and title agents.  Knowing that the ultimate goal of the home buyer is to close on the sale, the buyer's agent is always available to help provide insight and perspective. The buyer's agent keeps track of all contingency deadlines and makes sure the buyer has "performed" in all areas of the Residential Sale Contract. Usually there is a 'final walk through' that allows the buyer to examine the property prior to closing and to ensure that all requested repairs have been completed as agreed.   The buyer's agent usually arranges the closing with the title company and reviews all the financials listed on the HUD1 statement prior to closing.   

Some buyers are 'exclusive buyer's agents' and NEVER represent sellers.  While these agents tout their benefits, one obvious disadvantage is the lack of seeing 'both sides' of the transaction.  Sometimes these exclusive buyer's agents are less experienced and work for an agent that works as an exclusive listing agent.  

The agents at Premier Realty Exlcusive serve as both buyer's and seller's agents and value the opportunity to work with buyers.  Contact us today to get your home buying process started!

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