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Shrewsbury and Lindenwood Park

River Des Peres Trail passes by Lindenwood Park and Shrewsbury, great communities to live for those who love River Des Peres Trail

Lindenwood Park Shrewsbury homes near river des peres

What makes the River Des Peres Greenway a great area to live near is that it is connected to more trails and parks, and public transportation.   The largest connection currently is the Grant's Trail [Gravois Greenway], which extends from the River Des Peres Trail all the way to Kirkwood Missouri, near Interstate 44 and Big Bend Rd.  Other connectors are to Deer Creek Greenway (in progress),  Mississippi River Greenway (in progress), Christy Greenway Trail, and the Carondelet connector to Carondelet Park.  Future plans will connect it to the Centennial Trail from Forest Park.  

Home Searches are broken up into 5 sections of the trail as follows:

River Des Peres Greenway Trail

River Des Peres Zone 2- Shrewsbury - Lindenwood Park

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