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Sept. 13, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Join Keller Williams

Premier Realty Exclusive powered by Keller Williams

Why the Change?

A couple weeks ago, the owners of Premier Realty Exclusive made the business decision to partner with Keller Williams St. Louis, the highest producing real estate office in the St. Louis area, and largest real estate company (by agent count) in the nation.  

Since the change was made public, many people have asked why.  The question makes sense, particularly for someone not understanding our business goals and the challenges we face in the real estate industry as an independent brokerage.

In short, the change just made sense.   

A longer answer is covered by the following Top Ten Reasons To Join Keller Williams Realty

Looking for a career in real estate?   As decade long broker owners, we've traditionally consulted with people, usually assessing their goals and making suggestions based on their needs.   Check in--let's have a coffee and discuss your future!

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March 7, 2016

Grand I-44 Interchange Open House

Tower Grove exit Grand BlvdResidents of Tower Grove South, Tower Grove East, Shaw, Compton Heights, Botanical Heights and any other south city neighborhood would benefit from the open house TODAY from 4-6:30 at the Carpenter Branch Library at Utah and Grand.


Work will be started this summer, and planning for the changes might be helpful.


While another long construction project is a pain, I think about how badly its needed almost every morning when I take my kids to school.   A little more functional designwork and space will be fantastic! 

Dec. 21, 2015

GREAT NEW MLS Search Features!

Home Searching Tool has updated its search to allow the public superior searching tools on mobile devices and the use of mapping features.  Pick out areas of interest and search block to block unlike never before!  

These features have come about through Premier Realty Exclusive's collaboration with the Realgeeks interactive web resources.  

For more information or assistance, visit the home search page at or contact the Premier Team at (314) 772-4868

July 7, 2015

6 Factors on Insuring a New Home Purchase

                 Insuring a new home purchase properly can involve a lot of factors that a buyer may not be aware of. One important distinction is difference in valuation between the market value and the replacement cost of the home. In newer homes, built after 1990, the replacement cost and the market value can be very close, but in older homes there may be a sizable disparity between the market value and the replacement cost value of the home.

   When purchasing a home insurance policy you should only consider policies that are offering replacement cost protection. The reasoning for this is that when you purchase a market value insurance policy you can inherit certain coverage pitfalls that could create a negative claims situation. Market value home insurance policies have a tendency to be set up on a depreciation schedule. Meaning that an insurance company will assign a certain depreciated value to each year of age for the home. In the event of total or partial loss there is no way to guarantee that a claim will be paid properly and the homeowner’s asset will be protected.

                  Depending on the carrier that has written your market value policy, you may also be subject to certain exclusions of insurance coverage not written into a home insurance policy with a replacement cost valuation. Market value insurance has a tendency to written on a stated perils basis. This means that a loss could only be covered if the policy says that there is coverage for the specific cause of damage, whereas on a replacement valued and covered policy the coverage is written on stated exclusions basis. The distinction being that with a replacement coverage policy, coverage will be in place unless the policy states that coverage will not be awarded. A few good examples of something that might be excluded from a replacement cost policy are earthquake and surface water.

                  There are limitless options available to consumers when it comes to finding an insurance policy for your home. In the same way you would trust your realtor to guide you towards a home that will satisfy your needs. You will also want to find an insurance agent that will educate you on the coverage needed to properly protect your new home purchase.

Kevin Butz is the Operations Manager at Crawford Butz Insurance and is a licensed insurance agent in Missouri.  

March 19, 2015


Resident Physician Heading to St. Louis?

March 20th is the day that many medical residents will find out that they are relocating to St. Louis for one of the many fine medical residency programs in the St. Louis area.   

Having worked with many residents over the years, seeking a home in an unfamiliar area, needing to live within 15 minutes of the hospital but not having any idea about the areas REALLY needs the help of a buyer's agent experienced with serving the needs of medical residents.  This is an extremely stressful process that a specialist in residency relocation can make substantially easier than an average agent.

Unlike most other clients, medical residents usually have a limited time period to find the PERFECT HOME, need someone that knows the real estate market and all communities, and someone who's willing to clear the schedule for a few days to make sure they make the most of their time here in St. Louis.  They also need broker's with encyclopedic knowledge of the banks that offer PHYSICIANS LOANS, and what banks have the best products.  

We've experienced this so much, we've created a special page just for resident physicians and their families as they navigate the St. Louis real estate market.

Medical Resident Home Page

We've had the most experience helping residents find homes near Washington University Medical School / BJC, but also have helped residents at St. Louis University Medical School, Mercy, and St. Lukes.   

Feb. 1, 2015

Don't Try To Time the Market, but......

Time for the Selling Process!

Super Bowl Sunday

As a St. Louis Realtor, lots of questions get thrown my way.  Whether they're from prospective clients, or someone we run into at the bus stop, we're always talking about real estate.

Today we're talking about that #1 Question:   When is the best time to sell your home?

I first heard from stock market analysts that it can be ineffective to try to 'time the market' with stocks.  There are illustrations that establish that by the time people figure out they should be investing, the best growth opportunities pass them by.  That's true in real estate as well.  When the real estate market was at its low point in 2011 -2012, we weren't getting lots of calls from investors, but the ones who did in some cases have already sold and made large profits. 

Timing the market for selling is similar but different.

The main thing to keep in mind is that in a supply / demand economy, selling in the spring time may be a time when competition increases and the balance between listings and buyers shifts into a bit of a buyer's market.  Even if the balance still good, often times the spring market brings home seller's with a more favorable equity position that can price their homes for less and generate a quick sale, undercutting their neighbors that owe more.

Another problem, with real estate sales being highly influenced by weather, the big time to sell can happen during warm spells in January like last week.  We have been writing and receiving lots of offers lately, way before people anticipate.

Cut to the Chase.......

So with all that said, I have my work cut out for me today, because I tell people all year round, if they want to try to time for the spring market, call your Realtor (Preferably one at Premier Realty Exclusive) on Super Bowl Sunday to plan for an early spring launch.

Since we hire the best real estate photographer in the business and there's lots of staging, painting and work that can be done to bring TOP DOLLAR on your home sale, a month may be needed to get things together.  

Get your home value here 

Oct. 26, 2014

Help for Home Seller's!

Home Selling Pain Relief

An Unlikely Tip for Home Selling

For relief from the pain of home selling, we usually recommend that people hire us if they are in St. Louis, and follow directions.

new study reported in Friday's Wall Street Journal suggested an alternative:  Tylenol.

The study had to do with the aversion people have with losing money and how taking acetominiphen can help aleviate the pain.  

The whole study is set to be published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology next year.  

It's a nice thought, but we'll probably keep suggesting a good Realtor and following directions. 


For more information about things that help home seller's, contact the Premier Team for our no obligation list of home selling advice!


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Aug. 19, 2013

Life Works-North Side Regeneration Development

It was Super Exciting to be in the Beautiful St. Louis City's Downtown Central Library, stunning from head to toe! As I sat amongst my fellow realtors, I waited in anticipation. McEagle Properties came & presented the North Side Development now known as "Life Works". This development has been in lawsuits for years, but finally in August of this year the courts deemed the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) was appropriate. A gift to St. Louis City & St. Louis County, this development is finally moving forward! This will add loads of beautiful real-estate to St. Louis & we are all VERY Excited! 

The Life Works Development is building a Live-Work-Play Community! It will include 3000+ properties over 4609 parcels of land. WOW! A new exciting addition is the St. Louis City Bottle district! A prime area of real-estate that is North of the Stadium!

For the great St. Louis residence there will be 60% historic redo homes & 40% New construction. They lost 40 buildings to brick thieves and 15 to fires. There has been a major crack down so that has really been minimized! 

McEagle properties is very serious about their vision! They have hired a European Consultants to assist with making it a sustainable area. The focus will be on preservation, safety, & beauty. They want the whole package bustling businesses, schools by using existing buildings & new, transportation-looking into street cars, & beautification throughout! Another neat exploration is which will add a much more appealing "boulevard" type thoroughfare in place of the elevated lanes of highway 70 that divide our downtown areas.  The beauty of this plan is that they're nearing the end of their useful life and would need to be replaced anyway!

Another neat fact on this St. Louis real-estate development is 1 out of 4 jobs in the area will be preferential to people that live in the development. Great for the St. Louis community! This will be a 4 phased project with A,B completion by 2024 & C,D by 2030! Hold on to your hats St. Louis folk this should be a very exciting St. Louis real-estate addition!

April 23, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Real Estate is Back

In the past couple weeks, the real estate market in St Louis seems to be back!  Homes are selling, buyer's seem to be out consistently, and the overwhelming desperation seller's seemed to have a year ago seems to have diminished.  In its place is a mild level of confidence that a nicely presented home can sell for the right price.  

There are all kinds of data used to explain the market.  One 'snapshot' that I keep my eye on is the number of homes listed in the past 24 hours, versus the number of homes sold in the past 24 hours as listed ever day in the MLS.  

The above graphic is updated hourly in the MLS that realtors see each day.  

Based on the above numbers; 218 homes were listed today, 256 homes went "under contract" in the past 24 hours, and 155 were either sold (144) or leased.   Not having captured a graphic such as this in the darker days of St Louis real estate, from memory the numbers were a bit different.  The typical monday morning would have 218 listings put on the market, but only 50 homes would go under contract and 50 would sell.  Expired and cancelled listings dominated the market in those days.  

Recent years, the "spring selling season" would take place, but would usually only last for a few weeks in most areas.  By this time, the 'selling season' would be over.  

With great prices and super low interest plus pent up need for buyers to enter the market, our season seems to be going strong!


Nov. 25, 2012

Holiday Home Buying Season


The past few months we've seen our share of home buyers.  


Our summer heat wave and drought had the same effect on home sales as it did on rainfall, but as the weather started to moderate this fall, combined with the uptick in home values nationwide, home buyers are fighting to jump into the market.

That seems like good news to the housing market that has been publicly struggling along since the great recession started, but there is a downside to the increased activity.  Buyer's throughout the St Louis market are finding that the supply of homes is smaller, and the competition with other buyer's is making the process more difficult.  

There has always been a tendency for seller's to try to 'time the market';  often taking their homes off the market before Thanksgiving and waiting for the spring selling season to re-list.

Message to Home Seller's:   DON'T DO IT!

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and home buyer's are in hand now, looking for the right place.  Should home seller's go ahead and jump into the market now?  That depends.  One alternative, would be to reach out to your REALTOR now and consult about your local sub-market.  The real professionals out there keep track of their prospective spring listings and start unofficially marketing them within the real estate industry.  

There are always ups and down's about selling in any market.  One good thing about fall and winter sales is that there's not usually as much of a mad rush going on with realtors, title companies, lenders and other professionals.  Home buyer's and home seller's get more attention now, versus the spring when everyone is busy.  

Good news:  Recovery

The transitions we're seeing is direct evidence that the housing market is recovering.  Every sub-market is different, and some areas are doing better than others, but the difficulty buyer's have with finding the right place now will go hand in hand with continued price increases, followed by more of the 'pent up demand' to sell being relieved.  

Happy Holidays from the PREMIER TEAM!