Premier Realty Exclusive Service Provider Network

service provider network

Helping clients in hiring the right contractors and other service providers to meet the challenges of preparing, updating, and repairing a home is part of what we do to assist our clients.   This is an important part of our job as a FULL SERVICE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL.   

The real estate sales process -- whether with buyer's or sellers', demands that RELIABLE service providers can be accessible to resolve problems that come up during a home sale and inspection process, or other types of providers. This is in addition to the main types of services:  lenders, inspectors, home stagers, photographers and title companies. Selling a home can be overwhelming and stressful, so having assistance when you may otherwise not need help can be an unexpected necessity.   

Relocation buyers and sellers are frequently caught up  in this trap.    Ever have to coordinate repairs in your hometown at the same time as shopping for houses across country, or vice versa?   This is where a competent real estate professional can step in to help save the day.   

Having Great Service Providers isn't a Piece of Cake......

Change is the one thing inherent to the job of the full service real estate agent.  Over the years, many service providers have assisted clients in the past.  Some retire, some relocate themselves.   Sometimes contractors just get busy, or even lower their standards for some reason.   We've even had contrators that close up shop and start working for a bigger company.   

There are many things that can happen, so we're ALWAYS LOOKING for great workers!

In looking at our some of our BEST, most reliable contractors and service professionals, the Premier Team has gotten many of these referrals from our clients, then have shared them with so many others.   This is a WIN-WIN situation.   Who wouldn't want to reward GREAT SERVICE by referring someone to a busy realtor?

If you know someone, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch soon to thank you!!!