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One of the top 10 real estate questions we get from prospective home seller's is "When is the right time to sell?"

That's a tough question for which there is not always 1 right answer.  One right answer is, "whenever you'll get the best price in the shortest amount of time."   Of course, people expect a more specific answer from the hardest working St Louis Realtor.  The question remains, when is that?!?

The best time to sell is commonly recognized as the springtime.  That's when most apartment leases renew or expire.  Its when many people shake off their resistance to get out and when the most homes go on the market.  

Why wouldn't that be right for everyone?

Sometimes the right answer can be to list your home when you have the least competition.  If that was the case, wait until there's a foot of snow on the ground and its below 15 degrees!  

The truth about selling is really not always when you sell, but how a home seller goes about it.  Selling a home takes preparation and planning.  It takes developing a plan and executing it.  It takes some thought.  

For people thinking that SPRING is the time, NOW is when you should be reaching out to a REALTOR, discus ifsing a plan and making a list of 'to do's' so that as we reach February and March, your home is what your local home buyer is expecting in terms of cleanliness, updates and curb appeal.  

The Time is NOW!

What if you're not ready right now, or the springtime doesn't work with your overall plan to move?

No problem!  What this post is all about, is that it really isn't as important to sell at any given time, as it is to work together with a competent REALTOR to take time and plan out the process of listing your home to make it what buyer's in your area are looking for.  This all takes time, and the more time you allow, the better the results.  

A good REALTOR knows what buyer's will look for and items they may find objectionable.  Take time to view the home with your agent and write down a list of their recommendations.  Its important to allow for some time, because completing the aesthetic recommendations needs to be done prior to staging, and staging has to take place prior to taking photos.  Also, a good agent may need to make additional visits to the home for more photos if the first set isn't flattering enough.  They may also need some time to make minor revisions to the staging or the photos.    

The biggest problem is when home seller's think they have "the eye" and proceed to make all the repairs or updates that they think will help move their home without consulting a professional.  This may still work out, but all too often, seller's waste time on things that don't really impress buyers while overlooking things that are much more important.  Or they won't allow for any time to prepare for the sale process.  

Other than simple aesthetics, keep in mind, that after your home's buyer comes through, it won't be long before the critical eye of the home inspector enters the picture.  Remember that dripping faucet or broken light switch you've been thinking about fixing?  Building inspectors find problems like that and more, so its a great idea to work on getting things like that fixed before buyer's come through.  

Executing a complete selling plan is the difference between the homes that sell quickly and for top dollar with the ones that get passed by.   Give your home its best shot!


Contact Us Today if you're looking at a spring selling date as it is quickly upon us. If you haven't called your Realtor, remember, your competition probably has!