Moving to KirkwoodJUST KIDDING!!!  Call a Realtor in 99.9% of the time. 

This story in today's Post is heartwarming. 

Homes that "stay in the family" are often times cared for.  There's a legacy to preserve and protect.  Its the type of home that often will sell quickly and that Realtors love to bring buyer's into. 

Foundation problems are a fact of life.  Its sad in some cases, that there's not enough concern over the future marketability of the home.  Often times homes with major structural problems end up costing a lot, and may just be abandoned. 

This case is exceptional.   

I remember when Highway 141 was being rebuilt through Manchester, my hometown, and some of the historic homes along Woodsmill Rd. were relocated, just like this home.  It was a great thing for the city, since the homes were moved to the Manchester historic district near its City Hall.  The home can continue to be enjoyed in that town by passerby's.

A win for home preservation in Kirkwood!


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