Resident Physician Heading to St. Louis?

March 20th is the day that many medical residents will find out that they are relocating to St. Louis for one of the many fine medical residency programs in the St. Louis area.   

Having worked with many residents over the years, seeking a home in an unfamiliar area, needing to live within 15 minutes of the hospital but not having any idea about the areas REALLY needs the help of a buyer's agent experienced with serving the needs of medical residents.  This is an extremely stressful process that a specialist in residency relocation can make substantially easier than an average agent.

Unlike most other clients, medical residents usually have a limited time period to find the PERFECT HOME, need someone that knows the real estate market and all communities, and someone who's willing to clear the schedule for a few days to make sure they make the most of their time here in St. Louis.  They also need broker's with encyclopedic knowledge of the banks that offer PHYSICIANS LOANS, and what banks have the best products.  

We've experienced this so much, we've created a special page just for resident physicians and their families as they navigate the St. Louis real estate market.

Medical Resident Home Page

We've had the most experience helping residents find homes near Washington University Medical School / BJC, but also have helped residents at St. Louis University Medical School, Mercy, and St. Lukes.