Time for the Selling Process!

Super Bowl Sunday

As a St. Louis Realtor, lots of questions get thrown my way.  Whether they're from prospective clients, or someone we run into at the bus stop, we're always talking about real estate.

Today we're talking about that #1 Question:   When is the best time to sell your home?

I first heard from stock market analysts that it can be ineffective to try to 'time the market' with stocks.  There are illustrations that establish that by the time people figure out they should be investing, the best growth opportunities pass them by.  That's true in real estate as well.  When the real estate market was at its low point in 2011 -2012, we weren't getting lots of calls from investors, but the ones who did in some cases have already sold and made large profits. 

Timing the market for selling is similar but different.

The main thing to keep in mind is that in a supply / demand economy, selling in the spring time may be a time when competition increases and the balance between listings and buyers shifts into a bit of a buyer's market.  Even if the balance still good, often times the spring market brings home seller's with a more favorable equity position that can price their homes for less and generate a quick sale, undercutting their neighbors that owe more.

Another problem, with real estate sales being highly influenced by weather, the big time to sell can happen during warm spells in January like last week.  We have been writing and receiving lots of offers lately, way before people anticipate.

Cut to the Chase.......

So with all that said, I have my work cut out for me today, because I tell people all year round, if they want to try to time for the spring market, call your Realtor (Preferably one at Premier Realty Exclusive) on Super Bowl Sunday to plan for an early spring launch.

Since we hire the best real estate photographer in the business and there's lots of staging, painting and work that can be done to bring TOP DOLLAR on your home sale, a month may be needed to get things together.  

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