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Weekly Postings to St.Louis Craigslist

Premier Realty Exclusive uses plenty of marketing websites to increase traffic to your property. One of the most popular ways to attract a lot of attention to your home is by posting it on Craigslist. The Premier Team has developed a unique way to ensure quality and consistency on all of our posts! We delete and re-post each property's post once a week to ensure that your home will appear at the top of the 'Housing Offered' feed.

What would you see if you went to one of our properties on Craigslist?

Consistency. Our Craigslist account allows us to keep our listing information consistent. We have staff that conduct twice-weekly updates on all online listings to ensure that the listing prices, open houses, and photos are up to date. Additionally, Zillow is synced to Craigslist, which allows us to keep all listing information consistent across websites!

Perfect Pictures. When we first list a property on Craigslist, we upload the photos taken by our professional real estate photographers. We also take the time to create individualized collages, which identify the eye-catching features of your property, in order to increase traffic to your listing's page! If you're having an open house we create an entirely new collage just for the open house, which we post on every marketing website!

Easy Communication. In addition to the 'Contact Agent' form provided by Craigslist, which allows potential buyers to contact us directly via email, we also provide a call-to-action form as well, to make communication with potential buyers quick and efficient.

Lots of Traffic. We take all the necessary steps to make your property's post a high-traffic post. That means top-notch photos, catchy titles, incredible collages, and easy-to-read but consistent information!

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