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Placement of 'For Sale' Sign & Pointers

Having a sign in your yard is pointless if no one is able to see it.

We drive the streets of St. Louis daily and see good, and not so good, examples of sign placement.  Our goal is to use signage to attract the most traffic to your home. 

As our client, you will have an extra large, custom designed, Premier Realty Exclusive 'For Sale' sign in your yard with a specific rider that can draw attention to the 'must see, beautiful inside' of your home!  We see lots of other companies where the rider slot is used to promote the agent or the company, not the home!   We also place 'For Sale' pointers at important points in your neighborhood to draw people in to see your property. Plus, we place additional pointers with balloons when it is time for your Open House! 

What sets the Premier Team apart from other real estate agents in the area is that this is just one step in our marketing process, whereas for most agents - this is all you will get. We have an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the area, and have professionally designed signage that sets us apart from the run-of-the-mill real estate agency. Each of these distinctions works in your favor as our clients!

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