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Open Houses Advertised on Social Media

The Premier Team understands the growing power of social media. We believe the social media platform to be hugely influential in bringing potential buyers to your property. We utilize Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YEXT to connect with our previous clients as well as interested buyers in order to bring the traffic to our open houses.

We start the process by creating an open house collage which draws attention to the fine details of your property. We then post this collage, along with attention grabbing headings, on all of our marketing websites (i.e., Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist) as well as our social media platforms.


One social media page we heavily utilize is the Premier Realty Exclusive Facebook Page. When we post an open house on the Facebook page, we typically 'boost' it. By 'boosting' our posts, we are paying to have your open house advertised and broadcasted to an audience, which we are able to specify. For example, if you own a loft in the hippest area of downtown, we could specify that the audience be between the ages of 25 and 35 and include people who enjoy "Nightlife", "St. Louis Cardinals Games", and "Urban Living", whereas if you own a large family home in a quite neighborhood in Webster Groves, we could specify that the audience be 27 to 35 years old and enjoy things like "DYI Projects", "Gardening", and "Victorian Architecture". Not only does advertising on Facebook allow us to reach a specific group of potential buyers, it allows our clients to 'Share' our posts to their own page which can promote traffic even further!


We also post the open house information on YEXT. YEXT is a company that enables businesses like ours to update location-specific information to multiple websites. So, from YEXT we can post your open house information to Twitter, Google+, and even to our own website! On Twitter and Google+ we are connected with a large group of St. Louis realtors. When we post on social media we are increasing the likelihood of other realtors in the area seeing the open house information and bringing their clients to see your property. At Premier Realty Exclusive we try to maximize our efforts when it comes to marketing and YEXT enables us to do just that!


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