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Recent History

Downtown St Louis has undergone a tremendous renaissance in the past decade into a thriving destination for restaurants, cultural events, and significant residential growth.  Beginning in 1999 with the formation of Downtown NOW by then Mayor Clarence Harmon, plans were established to begin rebuilding Downtown with plans to address different regions of downtown. 

The plans for development in the Downtown Now plan centered around 4 specific areas:

  • Ballpark / Cupples Station
  • Old Post Office District
  • Downtown West
  • Washington Avenue Garment District

A rarity in governmental planning:  the reality far exceeded the original goals of Downtown Now.  Over 5 billion dollars have been invested in developing Downtown St Louis and its not over.  The Partnership for Downtown St Louis is continuing the growth by developing the Downtown NEXT plan for growth between now and 2020.  Downtown Next is focused on continuing the momentum towards re-establishing Downtown St Louis into a thriving community center, and increasing population to 20,000 in the downtown area by adding different types of residences from the lofts and condos available presently.

Downtown St Louis population has continued to grow by approximately 500 people per year, based on numbers published by the Partnership for Downtown St Louis. Current figures are that downtown population is 14,000 persons.  Demographic data for downtown also points to a more educated, professional, higher paid population as many of the lower rent apartments were cleared out and larger, newer spaces were rented and sold for a higher market rate.

Premier Realty Exclusive has been actively involved in the Downtown Renaissance by selling and reselling downtown lofts and condos since 2004, participating in Partnership for Downtown St Louis committees and subcommittees, participated in the Downtown St Louis Residents Association, participation in St Louis Association of Realtors Urban Affairs Committee, and maintaining membership in the St Louis Convention and Visitors Commission.  Premier Realty Exclusive represents buyers and sellers.  They have represented many individuals as well as a majority of the developers in the downtown area;  having represented CH2 Development, Loftworks,  McGowan Brother Development, Blue Urban, and currently representing  Sherman and Associates.  Premier Realty Exclusive has listed and sold in nearly almost every downtown loft or condo building. 

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