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Tower Grove Park  

Tower Grove Park is a great park that was bequeathed to the City of St Louis by Henry Shaw in the 19th Century on the condition that it always be used as a park.  It is 289 acres and is the second largest park in the City of St Louis.  

Henry Shaw was a native of Sheffield, England and emigrated to the United States to help his fathers business selling Sheffield Steel and Cutlery.  As a teenager he was sent to New Orleans to locate a shipment.  Once that shipment was found, his buyer for the shipment was in what was then the small French Village of St. Louis, that had recently been acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase.  Though only a teenager at the time, Henry Shaw began a hardware business in Downtown St Louis at a time when St. Louis, and she surrounding territory were beginning massive growth as westward expansion was in full swing.   His business was so successful that he was able to become one of the largest land owners in St Louis, and retire by the age of 40. 

The Henry Shaw estate was situated on what is now the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the adjacent land was developed into a Victorian Era Park and donated to the City of St Louis.  Donated in 1867, the park has been developed in the vision of Mr. Shaw into a park with winding paths nice views beautifully assorted plants, trees, sculptures and historic pavillions.  

Tower Grove Park is surrounded by the Tower Grove SouthTower Grove EastShaw, and Southwest Garden neighborhoods which all subsequently benefit from the community building activities within the park and its beautiful gardens and historic park pavillions and sculptures.  Several of the activities and community services in Tower Grove Park are linked below.  


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Tower Grove Farmers Market                  Food Truck Fridays


Piper Palmer House                                 Cafe Madeleine


Kick Ball Leagues                                     Historic Pavillions


Musical Mondays                                      Summer Childrens Art Program




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