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Living in a neighborhood with multiple National Historic Districts and two newly refurbished business district is just the beginning of what makes Tower Grove South one of the most poplular areas in St Louis City.  Close proximity to Tower Grove Park, tons of activities nearby, cultural events, close proximity to Downtown and Grand Center plus fantastic public transportation make Tower Grove South a sough after residential location.  Historic homes and tree lined streets welcome home buyers into a glimpse of another era. 

The South Grand Business District is one of the highlights of the ENTIRE CITY!   Having MORE Varieties of ETHNIC RESTAURANTS THAN EPCOT CENTER, award winning cuisine, small shops with a small town feel, and close proximity to Tower Grove Park, what's not to love?  

Other than the South Grand district and the Morganford Business District, there are several valuable businesses within the boundaries of the neighborhood such as a coffee shop, a quick shop, a hardware store, bicycle shop, 2 pubs with excellent food and an honest automobile mechanic. 

Homes in Tower Grove South were mostly made of brick and built just before or after the turn of the 20th Century.  The prevailing  Style is 2 1/2 story Brick Victorian Style, but many other styles are present, including bungalows, Tudors, and Colonial Style.   Beautiful historic architecture, and well built victorian style homes line the streets. 

Thanks to lots of dedicated urbanists, millions in investment dollars, tremendous leadership by the former Alderwoman Jennifer Florida, Tower Grove South has been re-developed into a fantastic place to live once again, just as it was created to be back in 1904!

Tower Grove South is located South of Tower Grove Park and the renowned Missouri Botanical Garden, West of Grand Avenue, East of Kingshighway and North of Chippewa.

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