St Louis Real Estate - Market Analysis

St Louis Missouri is currently experiencing a buyer's market, and possibly the best buyer's market in history.  Given the drop in real estate values, plus the historically low mortgage interest rates and abundance of homes, now is the best time to buy!  February of 2012 has seen a rebound in homes sold in St Louis as we've reached a 4 year high on homes sold.  Home prices are still low, but appear to be stabilizing as interest rates inch upwards.

St Louis real estate


St Louis Realtors work in the market and experience the ups and downs of the market on the front end, and have a strong sense of what's happening in the market without stopping to look at data, or prepare graphs.   Our job of helping home buyers and sellers to understand the St Louis Real Estate market would not be complete if we didn't help provide information for the layman's understanding of the real estate market in St Louis.


st louis real estate

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